It's Aamir time


Aamir Khan stars as the new spokesperson for Titan Watches, India's biggest watch brand. Unlike many other Bollywood stars, Aamir Khan is a real actor. A well crafted script + a well crafted spot = a great celebrity endorsement.

Not Cannes territory but a whole lot better and smarter than Aish in L'Oreal's formulaic blather, breathtakingly beautiful though she is.

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Anonymous said...

With a clock on every cellphone the functionality of the watch is now redundant. It is now strictly the realm of fashion. How long before the hands and numbers go poof and leave us with a simple bracelet?

Gavin Barrett said...

I have that very watch! I bought it for my wife in Paris.
(The watch.) The wife is very much here, in Toronto.
The watch, however, is sans numerals, sans mains.

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