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A CBC is a somewhat less than complimentary acronym for Canadian Born Chinese. CBCs themselves often refer to more recent Chinese with the pejorative FOB (Fresh Off the Boat). Many CBCs do not speak Chinese and are often in conflict with their roots as they try to define their own place in the Canadian multicultural landscape. Some CBCs may even be bananas but not all bananas are CBCs. A large portion of Gen2 Chinese are CBCs. From an ethnographic perspective, CBCs have a great deal in common with ABCs - their cousins south of the border - than just a couple of initials.

The CBC logo shown above is a trademark of the CBC (the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)

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1 comment :

Anonymous said...

If Canadian Born Chinese are the CBC then who is the Chinese Canadian Don Cherry? What would the new Chinese Canadian Hockey Night In Canada theme song sound like?

Multiculturalism is so confusing!

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