It's funny, but I haven't addressed multicultural photography much on this blog. It's about time I rectified that. There is brilliant stuff out there. In fact, the best photography has always been truly multicultural. From Steve McCurry's Afghan girl  to Penn's Chinese food and Salgado's Brazilian miners and Indian ship-graveyard-workers, to the work Richard Picton has done for us and others (his black women boxers will knock you out) to Chen Man's 12-month ode to Chinese beauty for the cover of i-D magazine on the occasion of the Year of the Dragon. Without further ado, here is a sampling of Chen Man's work. More photography posts to follow. I promise. Enjoy, but you might have to send your eyes to detox later. I mean that in a drugs-are-good kind of way. Speaking strictly as a non-user.

Via It's Nice That
Photos via The Bohmerian

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