Steve McCurry, colour bomber: The best multicultural photography: III

Years ago, I tried to work with Magnum photographer Steve McCurry and contacted Magnum to bring him to Canada to work on a BMO campaign. Alas, it didn't work out - logistics and availability didn't dovetail neatly enough for the client. 
In the end, I went with Robert Earnest who won several awards for the photography on that campaign. (Will share those at some point.)

Steve McCurry is an artist whose paintbrush is opportunity, that most fickle of mistresses. The result is a series of extremely gratifying retinal explosions. 

Rang bharela, rang be rangey we would say in India (one of McCurry's favourite subjects): stuffed with colour, colour upon colour, bursting with colour.

Do not rub your eyes. This is real. 

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1 comment :

Param said...

I love his images, even though they looked staged.

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