Glossary: Gweilo (m.), gweipo (f.)

Cantonese. White devil. Pale ghost. White demon ghoul.

You get the gist.
It has lost some of its derisive sting due to its extremely popular, colloquial use in Hong Kong, by English and Cantonese speakers alike. Used in much the same fashion as gora.

Which is to say, descriptively, to distinguish.
Or, when dipped in chilli-garlic sauce, to ridicule. Consider:
Bloody gweilos! When will they learn how to eat rice with chopsticks.

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1 comment :

Anonymous said...

Racial slurs against white people never work. The slurs all do one thing that white people love. They reinforce their identity as white people.

White people don't seem to care what you call them as long as it reinforces the idea that they are not like everyone else.

The best way to make a white person angry is to ignore them completely.

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