Glossary: Gora

White dude. White man. White folks. This catch-all South Asian word is typically used to separate and distinguish, like the Native American paleface but add some spice and it takes on a bad-ass attitude and can be used to effectively serve a dollop of cultural befuddlement, sprinkled with a garnish of derision. Consider, for example:
Bloody goras! How come they're always in debt?

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1 comment :

Anonymous said...

I get the feeling white people will enjoy this one. Young white people in particular will enjoy being called this.

Not quite as much as when a black person calls a white boy "my nigger" which white kids love.

It seems that young white people welcome racial insults that are directed at them because it means they are "down" with whoever is insulting them.

White people like to feel important. If someone makes up a special word just to insult you for being white you must be pretty important.

It also gives racist whites a reason to be even more smug and outwardly hostile towards brown people.

It's very difficult to genuinely hurt a white person's feelings.

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