On this harvest moon.

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At Barrett and Welsh, we'd like to say zhōngqiū kuàilè – 中秋節快樂 – to all our friends celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival today and Chuseok jal ji nae sae yo to our Korean friends.
Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated by very large swath of the world. Celebrated across East and South East Asia by those who follow the lunar calendar, the festival is rooted in agricultural tradition (the lunar cycle is very important to rice farming) and coincides with appearance of the harvest full moon.

Mid-Autumn folklore and customs can vary widely depending on regional origin. But, as with many other harvest celebrations, food is at the heart of all festivities. In Japan, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam, mooncakes of varying shapes are baked or steamed (over pine needles for example, in Korea).

Here in Canada, far away from the epic scale of everything Asian, some 1.6 million Chinese Canadians continue many of these traditions, exchanging gifts of mooncakes and celebrating the abundance of the harvest. Around 200,000 Korean Canadians join the party as they celebrate the harvest festival of Chuseok at the same time.

The Mid-Autumn festival is essentially an Asian Thanksgiving. Family and friends gather and companionably share the bounty of the land, in the light of the harvest moon.

When you think about it that way, it feels like a very Canadian thing.

And that, my friends, calls for a bit of Neil Young.

Gavin Barrett is a founder and Chief Creative Officer of Barrett and Welsh, a minority-led, inclusion-focused, creativity-powered Toronto ad agency that puts ideas first to make ideas last. Canada's most awarded multicultural agency. Barrett and Welsh also serves as the official Embassy of the Democratic Republic of Insight in the Kingdom of the Blind. Barrett and Welsh are recognized as a Top Branding Agency on DesignRush.

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