Anti-Chinese Chevrolet ads by Grey Hungary are a non-starter in our multicultural global economy.


Am disappointed and repulsed by this campaign from Grey Hungary for Chevrolet that seems to come from a bygone era. 

I am disappointed because the creative team completely shortchanged a valid brief.
I am repulsed because it is based on ignorance - like all things filled with prejudice.

In terms of execution, the ads coyly hint that made-in-China parts will never replace "high quality Chevrolet genuine parts." 

The hint is delivered through a typographic treatment that slickly replaces Roman script letter forms with Chinese characters that resemble them. While effective, this device is hardly original - it has been used by every non-Chinese art director since the first Chinese take-out menu was ever designed - but I digress. 

So, what is the agency attempting to say with these ads? 
It's a question that provokes a cascade of questions. 

Where does the agency think parts for a Made-in-China Chevrolet car come from? Michigan? 

Or are they saying that it's good enough to manufacture a whole car in China but not the parts? (For context, I should state here that Chevrolet claims an annual manufacturing capacity of above 300,000 cars in China and 380,000 in India. They also manufacture parts aplenty.)

Or is the agency saying that Chevrolet keeps a lower standard for the parts and cars they manufacture in India and China - but that a lower standard is just fine as long as those cars are not sold to Europeans? 

For additional irony, consider this: Chevrolet is an American brand with global manufacturing facilities including one in Hungary where this ad was made. 

I think this is a scam ad campaign that wasn't worth the effort and which may prove to be a very embarrassing mistake for Grey Hungary and GM. 

I count many Chinese art directors and writers as friends - they are outstanding creative people. 

And I can say this for sure: if this ad had been made in China, by them, it would never have been this bad.

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MyGrahak said...

Multicultural? Hmmm. The concept of the blog as well as content of the blog is as much multi-faceted as any multicultural atmosphere. Really, when cultures collide, there is a burst of colors and emotions. And to capture those in photography, in one frame is more than just clicking. The photographs here are just mind blowing. They are colorful, amazingly shot and highly captures the mind. Sometimes creativity is the best way to get closer to GOD. And as they say creative people are the most closest to GOD. I can now understand, why.

Divya Bhaskar

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