Sanjaya and A Partnership join forces

Is multicultural creative getting better?
Or is it merely going downhill fast?
This new commercial for Nationwide Insurance aimed at South Asians in the US is simply not good enough.

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1 comment :

Anonymous said...

It looks like it was written by someone who does not understand ethnic culture or insurance products.

Current advertising seems to focus on a bad jokes or some kind of weak ironic statement. I guess irony and sarcasm are the only thing young ad writers have to offer the world.

If you mock everything all the time there's no time for introspection or examination. We mock what we do not understand. That must be the explanation for so much irony and sarcasm these days.

Young people are not as open minded as they say. They're just more open to smack talk everything. I doubt the writer has a retirement plan or ethnic friends.

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