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When I was still a child, I was asked to write the relaunch campaign for Red Eveready, India's biggest battery brand. (Shown with this article: an ad from that campaign.)
I don't know why.

The campaign ran for 13 years.
I don't know why.

It was apparently very successful.
I don't know why.

It appears they teach it in business school in India.
I don't know why. recently wanted to interview me about this campaign.
I don't know why.

But I do know where the interview is.
Click on the article title to read it at, which by the way is an excellent site for anybody interested in the new wave of Indian creative talent.

The art director who worked with me on this campaign was Sharad Nigvekar and he did a splendid job.
Kasa aahe Sharad?

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Anonymous said...

Very advanced for the time it was produced. The mode today for young people seems to be sarcasm, irony, and non sequitur. This ad can be viewed as having all three elements.

It looks like it could be trying very hard to be what it is. It looks like it could be fake. Is it camp? Is it for real? It has the same credibility as an 80's big hair band. The guy jumping in the picture has the energy of Jack Black from Tenacious D.

Anonymous said...

I thought Youtube might have the "Ginmme Red!" TV ad in it's colossal collection. But I couldn't find it. I was trying to locate the ad cause I wanted to link it in my blog article,so I did what every lame blogger does, I googled for it and chanced upon your blog.

Great ad, that!

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