Advertisers aren't connecting

Click on the title of this post to read a great article by Nicholas Keung that appeared in The Toronto Star.
The piece reviews the findings of an important new study into the media consumption habits of Canada's largest minority groups and whether the country's major advertisers are actually reaching this gigantic market. It's worth noting that fifty-two per cent of the people surveyed said, "I rarely see advertising messages intended for me."

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Anonymous said...

It is an interesting article.

What surprises me in Canada is, there is so much talk about multiculturalism (which is an, in thing to add in one’s vocabulary right one)

They do not know how to target them, Advertising (rather say the entire media in general) is very outdated. They do not want to think out side the box (maybe they cannot)
For e.g., Bollywood movies and other entertainment are made fun of (sometimes I do not blame them).The world is changing so fast, but it's sad to see people’s mindset is still the same (maybe due to lack of knowledge or ignorance)

Awareness has to be created in a major way (we can think beyond chicken tandoori and mango lassi)

There is so much of scope for growth right now if we can just think outside the old outdated box (which we have been carrying for a long time).

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