Secret #2: a corollary


A corollary to Secret#2 aka WHAT'S THE FREQUENCY KENNETH WONG?

We've now established (in #2) that speaking to an audience requires more than speaking the same language.
Rather, it has to do with communicating on the same wavelength.

Here's the corollary: this does not exclude communications in those languages.

Sometimes, simple practicality determines that an ad for a Punjabi-only audience be in Punjabi.
Or that a poster that will appear at a Lebanese festival be in Arabic.
And yes, most advertising targeted at Chinese audiences will run in a Chinese language, whether Cantonese or Mandarin.

This is often the case when you are trying to reach larger groups of first generation blue collar immigrants, for instance.

It is (culture) relevance that allows a brand to communicate effectively, to engage.

Language only makes it possible.

copyright 2007 Gavin Barrett All rights reserved
picture: Mai Dang Lao (McDonald's in Chinese), bronze fangding ritual sculpture by Zhang Hongtu

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