Yeah, yeah, blah, blah, just tell us how do you do it.

Received some feedback that my posting titled "Where do we come from" required some clarification.

It's all very well having multiculturalism in your DNA when you were born into a fragmented 300 language market.
But how does it actually work?
How do you advertise to multicultural audiences in a predominantly anglophone or francophone society?

You asked.

When we work on a multicultural campaign, we start with anthropological, observation-based research.
We identify the habits and patterns our target audiences have formed since arriving in Canada.
We isolate their motivators and stumbling blocks. We observe them closely, as they live, where they live – at home, in malls, in chat rooms, at events. How closely do we watch them? If they sneeze, we’re there to say gesundheit.

In short, we look hard at our consumers. We listen hard to what they say.
We think hard about what will motivate them most.
And we work hard to produce the best advertising.

It’s easy really.

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